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Which should be done first: use cases or user stories?

Here, the asker is trying to find a good way to capture their requirements, for the special case of a solo developer.

We don't do recommendations. But explaining how a technique can fit into a development process is perfectly on topic. In particular, I'd like to see more questions on requirements engineering around here :)


Strategies for merging 1 year of development in Visual Studio

This is about a real-world problem the OP faces, not a question for a hypothetical or upcoming scenario, and it is clearly located in the domain of software engineering. Though some tools are mentioned, the question is mostly independent from the specific version control system, so it is really a conceptual and organizational question.


Agile stabilization and release management

In this question, a rather waterfally organization is trying to go Agile. How do we structure our team? How do we deal with technical debt and maintenance work?

Questions about the software-development life cycle (and ways to master it) are at the core of Software Engineering, and I think this question is a nice example of that.

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