The point of magic links is to link to a site quickly in comments.

[softwareengineering.se] is quite a mouthful. It looks like [se.se] is not a valid link to our site and it's questionable if it ever will be as a two letter abbreviation might cause naming conflicts in the future and/or might be reserved for bigger sites like [so] and [su].

As a compromise, [programmers.se] still works for backwards compatibility (I guess) and is not quite as long as [softwareengineering.se].

Will this backwards compatibility ever cease to exist? Is it safe to keep using [programmers.se]?

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I don't think we'll ever break it, but you know what they say about saying "never"... :)

If that shortcut ever intentionally ceases to exist, we'll fix the comments to avoid breaking links. In the meantime, feel free to keep using it.

  • I was not even aware that [programmers.se] was a shortcut.
    – user22815
    Nov 3, 2016 at 16:58

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