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How do I protest a revision?

I am still indicated as the author of the question, but it has been rewritten to remove all my words. I am no longer the author of the question.

Questions that are 3 years old should be locked to prevent such a large rewrite.

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Editing and collaboration are fundamental parts of Stack Exchange. Except for rare cases of content disputes (a large number of edits and rollbacks or Meta discussion on a particular post's quality) or historical protection of posts that would otherwise be deleted, all posts can be edited. However, we do have guidance for editing - edits should fix grammar or spelling, clarifying the meaning, incorporate information from comments, add updates as the post ages, or add related links.

I reviewed the edit and saw that it didn't meet the criteria. It changed the words without accomplishing any of the objectives for edits - it didn't become more clear or incorporate new information or add anything of value. Because of this, I rolled the edit back. Anyone with edit rights to a post can also use this rollback function.

In the future, if you see anything wrong, here are things that you can do:

  • Fix it. At 2,000 reputation, you have the ability to edit questions and answers without review. Prior to this, you can make edits and put them into a review queue for people with sufficient reputation to review. By this point, you've also gained other editing capabilities - creating new tags (300), editing community wiki (100), and commenting (50).
  • Flag it for moderator review. If you suspect that something bad is happening, please flag it. We review our flags very regularly and handle things. We have lots of good tools to help us.
  • Bring it up on Meta, like you did here. If you don't need a moderator to handle it or something needs broader discussion by the community, open a discussion. Moderators are also notified of all new Meta posts, so if it requires our input or review, we'll see it and should be able to look into it.
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    The original author has broad powers to fix this problem. Any original author can roll back revisions and unilaterally reject suggested edits to their own post, regardless of their rep level. Commented Oct 8, 2016 at 17:33

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