I saw a question at rule for posting programmers vs stackoverflow. Still I could not get my head around that.

I have a question specific to some programming language (Python), possibly a bug. But I am not sure as to where should I post the question. How do I decide that?

Should I post my question here so that I can get help in deciding on an answer to my query?

Let me post the question anyway.

import numpy as np
g = [1.1,1.2,1.3]
for j in np.arange(len(g)):
    c = 0
    for k in np.arange(len(g)-1,j,-1):
        if (g[j]-g[k])**2 < 0.01:
            c += 1
            print 0.01-(g[j]-g[k])**2      # line 9

#            print 'g=', g,',length=',len(g),'\n'
#    length = len(g)
    print 'g[j],c=',g[j],c

The problem I am facing here is that the difference I asked to print at line 9 should be zero. But I am getting 2.60208521397e-17. I have been scratching my head over this for long. "


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If your question is about writing code in your favorite editor, ask it on Stack Overflow.

If your question is about designing software while you're standing in front of a white board, ask it on Programmers.

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