I have three similar and short questions about C programming:

  1. Is there a shorthand for argv[*index] ?
  2. Is my_struct[index].my_member the same as my_struct->my_member or is the later referred to as my_struct.my_member and they are different?
  3. Is there a shorthand for (*i)++ ?

Should the above be one question, two questions, three questions, or no question at all for some reason?

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All of these are off-topic on this site, as this site focuses on conceptual questions about design and architecture issues rather than technical details about language syntax and semantics.

While these would be on-topic at StackOverflow, I have no idea how well received they would be. #2 in particular should be thoroughly covered by any introductory C or C++ tutorial, so I would not be surprised if that got downvoted for lack of research.


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