I was browsing the highest voted questions (Questions > Votes) on programmers, but noticed something extremely weird on page seven of the results.

enter image description here

Going from questions with over a hundred votes to a question with two to four votes each? That can't possibly be right.

The top of page eight returns to >100 point questions, only to jump to two-point questions halfway through:

enter image description here

What's going on? Please tell me I'm not going crazy.

It seems to happen on 15 questions/page, but not on 50 questions/page. It also doesn't seem to happen on Stack Overflow, so it might be specific to programmers.

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You are not crazy. For me, I can see this on a few different pages. Page 9, 15/view ranges from scores of 4 to 1. Page 10, 15/view has 116 to 114, and then 1s and 0s. Page 11 has 116 to 111, and -4. For what its worth, it starts getting wonky on page 7 where it goes from 109 to 58 and then goes downhill from there.

Similar wonkiness can be seen on page 5 and 6 at 30/page. And page 3 and 4 on 50/page.

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