I was composing an answer to Can I distribute a GPL executable (not a library) in a closed-source application? when I discovered it has been closed as a duplicate of Can I use GPL, LGPL, MPL licensed packages with my application and make it closed source? .

Since my answer 1)covers the original matter much more substantially than any answer in either question, and 2)couldn't be adapted for the overriding one, I posted it as https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/a/289924/108337 for the time being, mutual-linked it with the initial question with comments and tried to have that question reopened on these grounds. This didn't work (with no feedback to guess why).

So, I have two questions:

  1. What to do with the answer?

    • Adapt it for the for the much more general overriding question?
      • This will make it a few (if not several) pages long: the general question asks for many licenses at once and implies all similar ones as well, it will take a lot of text to cover them all in the same level of detail
      • Moreover, since more licenses are implied, the scope to cover is unclear and potentially unlimited
    • Reopen the initial question and move it there?
    • Something else?
  2. Is the overriding question's scope appropriate?

    • It can be (and is) answered in the "more or less educated guess" way, but
    • Cannot be practically given an answer based on facts rather than opinions


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