I am new to SE (and already addicted). I try to skim all of the comments at the end of an answer section to learn as much information as possible from the brilliant minds here.

Is there a way to automatically expand the "show X more comments" below each answer section? Is there a setting somewhere and / or a script I can run to always receive all comments without the hunt and clickfest? It would be convenient to have an always expand option somewhere in the SE settings instead of a clickfest...

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I don't believe there is. Moreover, it's probably not a desirable feature to have since comments are meant to be transient, temporary things used primarily to request clarification or suggest improvements of the real content: questions and answers. The automatic partial hiding of long comment chains is a very deliberate way of keeping the focus on the Q&A, where it belongs. In general, a large number of comments on any post is a strong sign that something has gone terribly wrong with it.


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