This is not a duplicate of this: Usefulness of [career-development] and [career-transition] tags ... it's time for them to be blacklisted. The narrowness of scope of what actually would be on topic here is so narrow that it's pretty much invisible. All it does is invite off topic posts.

We absolutely can and should keep the tag around for historically significant posts. According to Meta, we can do this. But it should be blacklisted for all future posts. See Mark a tag as a historical significance only

This has come up many times before, for example:

For crying out loud, this is the tag wiki:

Do not use this tag. Click "info" for better alternatives.

This is the tag wiki:

Career advice is off-topic per Help Center. 99% of questions with this tag are off-topic and will be closed. Study other questions under this tag closely that aren't closed before asking your question, if you want any chance of it not being closed. Closed questions add up to a possible question-ban

Bottom line... there is an awful lot of bad here, and very, very little good. It's nigh impossible to write an on-topic question with these tags. A lot of those are out of date because The Workplace had not even graduated until February 2014. Some relevant comments (emphasis mine):

I think [career-development] does serve a purpose, and it's one of my favorite tags to browse on the site. Career advice isn't the same as career development. We can't advise someone on what career path they should take, but we can answer some questions about career development for software developers. I'm not sure about [career-transition] though... I can't think of any cases where it could be on-topic here.

This is all good, but irrelevant if the tags aren't used as they are supposed to be used. If a lot of people use [career-development] to ask career advice questions, then the tag is problematic and should probably go away. The two topics are distinct, but their differences are subtle, and become even more subtle if we consider non native English speakers.

It's time for them to go.



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