I want to know whether the three most prevalent JavaScript engines (those in Chrome, FF,and IE) are known to perform certain optimizations. For instance, I might ask whether simple functions are inlined or optimized in any other way:

var add = function(a, b) { return a + b; }

Is this an acceptable place to ask?

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No. This site is about conceptual questions regarding software development – see the help center for details.. You can ask about compiler concepts or language concepts or design concepts, but asking about specific, concrete implementation details of some language implementation is not generally on-topic here.

A question about using a JavaScript API would be on-topic for Stack Overflow, as would be a question about using a specific JS implementation. However, what you're inquiring about is probably an undocumented implementation detail that's subject to unannounced change – all that matters is that the JS engine conforms to the spec and is as fast as possible. Therefore, this could be seen as a “how should we know, ask these engine's developers directly”-kind of question that would run into a risk of being closed on SO as well.


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