The tag currently provides very little value, because it's an ambiguous term that refers to several unrelated concepts in vastly different fields. Based on a very quick look, it appears that most of the questions fall into one of three categories:

(Full disclose: I'm not well-antiquated with the latter two uses, so I don't know how related they are, if at all.)

These separate uses should probably get their own tags, and [domain] should possibly be blacklisted to prevent further vague misuse.

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is now six separate tags:

: Covers the design methodology. turns into this.

: Business domains and the like are covered here.

: Covers DNS, Domain name service is a common mix-up and turns into this if anyone tries it.

: Covers domain objects in Java and similar.

: Covers DSLs and related concepts.

: Covers the concept of Domains in SQL.

That should take care of everything. I retagged and merged a bunch of things. Let the mod team know if there are any problems.


Yep, it's a mess. Some of the questions should probably be closed and/or deleted. That simplifies retagging them.

For the domain names I've created the tag with a tag wiki for this and moved some questions into it while removing the domain tag.

Other questions had multiple domain tags ( and ) for which the domain tag could be removed.

And its still a mess... I've only retagged a few of them.

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