I recently found cs.stackexchange and have been confused with the difference between programmers and cs.

The about page of cs isn't very detailed and only mentions specific issues with computer science alongwith real problems which, to my knowledge, is in every stackexchange site.

Isn't that already covered by this website?

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The difference between the two sites is the difference between computer science and software engineering.

Programmers is focused on the practical aspects of building software - requirements, architecture, design, testing, deployment, configuration management, software quality, process and project management. Things of unique interest to software engineers are also on topic - software licenses, business aspects unique to software development.

Computer Science is more theoretical and mathematical in nature - programming language concepts, languages and grammars, complexity theory, computability.

There is, however, some overlap. For example, there may be a set of data structure or algorithm questions that can be asked to either community. However, the answers you get would vary. Here on Programmers, I would expect answers to be more concerned with a different set of trade-offs than on Computer Science - ease of implementation, maintenance, testability, the existence of well-used implementation versus time and/or space complexity.


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