I stumbled upon this question today: 'import module' vs. 'from module import function'

It was closed as not constructive, but honestly I believed it's a very good fit for the site. As you can see from the top answer:

  1. The question admits answers backed by facts
  2. There are available references supporting those facts
  3. Even though there could be religious/off-topic/not constructive arguments made, the fact is that this question had at least one objective, fact-based answer.

I'd be happy to see this question reopened, even though it was already answered, because I think it's indeed a good fit for programmers.SE.

Honestly, it pains me to see so many closed questions on the front page sometimes. Now I agree most of them shouldn't be on here, but it must be discouraging for new users as well as confusing. It's hard to tell what's a good question on programmers.SE, much more so than on SO, so I think good questions like this one should stay open.


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The question attracted a sub par answer, and I'm guessing that was the main reason for the close votes (the "foo" vs "bar" title doesn't look good either). Crappy one-liners are almost always a very strong hint that the question is not constructive, but in this case I think it was just coincidental.

I've removed the non answer and re-opened it, hopefully the two existing good answers will detract further crappy one-liners.

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    Thanks a lot. I agree that answer was terrible and the remaining ones are really nice.
    – anthonyvd
    Feb 18, 2013 at 18:24

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