I first wanted to post this question on Stackoverflow, then thought Programmers is more appropriate, now hesitating.

Is the question below on-topic here, or better on Stackoverflow, or elsewhere?

I wrote a sync tool to synchronize folders/files from Alfresco to Windows.

  • In Alfresco, /files/can/have/very/very/very/long/filepaths/like/this.txt
  • In Windows. a path can not be more than 255 characters.

In addition to telling the user there is a problem, what is the best practice in such a case?

  1. Shorten the file's name?
  2. Skip the file?
  3. Create a sort of "folder's carriage return", a special folder from which the path can continue?
  4. Something else?
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In my opinion this is an on topic question as long as you begin with needing help designing the appropriate behavior for the system.

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