From yesterday I was seeing there are many down votes are being given to the questions, without explanation. Today I found this question can-code-completion-be-consideration-of-choosing-a-programming-language which I think is a good fit, but again given down vote and no-one in the comments has mentioned about down vote. Also one of the answer for some other question has unexplained down vote. unnecessary down vote. I could have given up votes but I do not want to give up vote just to avoid down votes. Isn't there any way to avoid this anonymous down voting?.


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Down voting is anonymous by design and will always remain so. Down-voters are free to down-vote anything they want for any reasons. The most common reasons being poor quality or an incorrect answer/assumption. In both cases you point out there are big quality issues. The first questions is incoherent and borderline not a real question. The answer you link to is a poor quality answer, it doesn't really answer the question (which is also bad) and would qualify as a link only answer if it had a link.

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