What's the point of closing a question if people can still answer, vote it up/down, favorite it and add comments?

I dont get it :(


A closed question cannot receive new answers. That is the point. The other activities occur because a closed question does not mean it is deleted. It can be improved, discussed, and voted to re-open. If the question is a real mess and not salvageable, it will eventually be deleted.

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    I agree with your principle of closing questions, but don't you think that closing on this site has become discouragement, not incentive? – Peter Turner Oct 29 '10 at 22:01
  • @Peter Turner: This site is collaboratively edited. That includes closing as much as editing and voting. Not everything adds value to the site by simple virtue that someone wrote it. Closing a post is an interim way of possibly improving it or, having failed that, removing it. It's not a punishment or repudiation of the author; it's to try as best we can to preserve the overall value of the system for the thousands-to-millions who come after. If someone is not comfortable with the idea of their questions and answers being edited by other users, this may not be the site for them. – Robert Cartaino Oct 29 '10 at 22:15

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