There are many abstract concepts programmers encounter and remember before needing a reference manual or Google, and few other disciplines require this same level of abstract thought.

I can't help be feel that there must be something different to the way programmers remember concepts since these concepts aren't as easily tied to the real world.

Is there a better way to ask this question in that context and so that it doesn't violate the Programmers StackExchange rules?:

Are there any memorization techniques that exist for programmers?

And if so, what action should I take. Do I simply post a new question?

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    Don't post a new question. If this discussion concludes that there are ways to improve your question, you can simply edit it, and people can vote to re-open it.
    – yannis
    Oct 13 '12 at 18:16

The question as it's phrased isn't good for any Stack Exchange site. You're asking for a list of techniques about learning or memorizing concepts, and there's an entire blog post on why such questions aren't good for the Stack Exchange format. You'd have to reformulate your question to make it viable anywhere.

However, since memorization and learning aren't exclusive to software developers, I can't see how any question would be on-topic here on Programmers. Perhaps you could check out some other sites:

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