Why does this site look exactly like stackoverflow.com?

Furthermore why does this site not validate fields before it does human verification with the image. This took 15 mins to get posted when it should have taken 2 minutes.


Programmers Stack Exchange is one of the 84 (currently) Q&A sites of the Stack Exchange network, that includes Stack Overflow. You can find more details about Stack Exchange at stackexchange.com and more specifically:

If you are interested in finding out what Programmers is about, you should read:

  • Our about page,
  • Our FAQ, and
  • Our frequently asked Meta questions, assembled in this index.

As for the "human verification" thingy, it pop ups occasionally (and it's a bit annoying!), but it pops up less frequently if you register for an account. If you already have a Stack Overflow account, you can use the same credentials for Programmers, and your two accounts will be automatically linked.

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    +1, much clearer. – haylem Jun 13 '12 at 20:35

Because it's a companion site to StackOverflow, but with a different purpose, as evidenced by the FAQ.

Both are managed by StackExchange, like many other sites, which are hosted under their own top-level domain (like MathOverflow) or a sub-domain of stackexchange.com.

See the list of all sites on the StackExchange network.

Furthermore, new sites appear regularly spawned by the StackExchange Area 51 based on community involvement, and may then undergo a "beta" period to be live-tested until they become a site of their own.


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