Currently, there are five tags containing "performance" in their title:

I think that:

  1. and brings nothing useful compared to the more popular , and so they must be merged. might be more specific (for example, a question about CSS sprites is better tagged than since the technique is directly related to web, but still, the tag was not used very often to show its benefit. As for , I believe Does object-orientation really affect algorithm performance? question illustrates quite well how a more general would be more appropriate.

  2. may be removed too, since it probably encourages off-topic questions of two types: the ones where people will ask for product recommendations (off-topic), and the ones where people will ask how to use a specific product related to performance (off-topic, belongs to Super User).

  3. is a very different kind. It's not related to as it is defined in its wiki summary, but to the job, specifically the job of a developer. Therefore, this tag must remain.

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