Win xp sp 3 FF 9, ABP disabled

I just got prompted with the "are you human?" page but the captchas were not visible


Are you using HTTPS-Everywhere? This has been known to cause problems.

Specific problem and fix found:

HTTPS-Everywhere forces the use of the secure reCAPTCHA API. The problem with this is the invalid certificate used; specifically, it is expired as of 09-05-04 13:32:04 (GMT).

This can be worked around by navigating to https://api-secure.recaptcha.net/ and adding a permanent exception for the certificate.

Tested on Firefox 4 final on Ubuntu 10.10 to https://superuser.com/captcha.

Courtesy of Hello71 on Super User's meta

  • I think it may be related to the well intentioned but awful "disconnect" add in for FF, which also appeared to block google maps Jan 23 '12 at 8:18

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