Based on the Are “name that thing” questions on-topic? question I think questions that don't qualify as questions are off topic / too localised, and quite a few of them are closed as such.

  • I can't find an example of an on topic question that I wouldn't also consider a question. Are there any?
  • Can they be considered synonyms? I'd say not, but as a non native English speaker I'd like some back up.
  • Should we try and clean up ? There are 133 questions currently and I think some minor clean up effort would be in order, even if only to re-tag some of those as - happy to do it, in small steps, if I get some basic guidelines.

I've just removed from this question, it felt more like a proper question, to my mind is more serious and on topic than and my edit may discourage less serious naming suggestions.

I'm not really sure if should die, that's was my instictual reaction when I first stumbled upon it, but if there are reasons for it to stay hopefully we'll get a tag wiki for it out of this question.

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It looks like should be cleaned up, with questions about words and phrases going into , questions about naming variables/methods/blocks going into or , and maybe a few other tags. I only looked at a couple of handfuls of questions tagged with naming, so there might be some other cleanups.

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