I post an answer to Adding components to JPanels dynamically during runtime, but before or during migration this post was deleted or lost,

and this message isn't accesible for me

enter image description here

can moderator answer ma what's happened

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You should be able to read the entire comment by going directly to the deleted post. Your post was deleted prior to migration as it didn't directly answer the question but was a critique on the supplied code. Stack Exchange isn't a discussion board: if you don't have an direct answer, please don't use the answer section to add commentary.

If you have a direct answer to the question now, feel free to post it on the migrated question on Stack Overflow.

  • I can't see my deleted answer there, then why I aked my question, thanks for confirmation +1
    – mKorbel
    Dec 3, 2011 at 20:25

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