I need to understand some moderation rules applicable to me. Currently, when for other peoples post, i don't see any close button. All i can do is either downvote or flag the post. If i feel that question doesn't belong to this site, Should i flag it or downvote to recommend closing the question ?

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From the FAQ

250 Vote to close, reopen, or migrate your questions
300 Create new tags
500 Retag questions
1000 Show total up and down vote counts
2000 Edit other people’s posts, vote to approve or reject suggested edits
3000 Vote to close, reopen, or migrate any questions

I hate to say it, but seriously - read the whole FAQ. :) Clicking on each header expands it so you see the whole section (and doing all of them, gets you a badge).

And yes, if you think a Question should be closed - flag it.

  • thanks mate. I read it when i joined but Will do that again. And also will flag questions that i think should be closed. I was worried if flag can only be used for profanity or other question which disrespects or create flame-war. Commented Sep 17, 2011 at 13:29
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    Unfortunately, there's not a section on flagging in the FAQ :( But you can click the flag button and see what kinds of reasons are available. In particular, click on the doesn't belong here option, and see what choices are there. You can cancel before posting the flag, so don't worry about accidently posting. :)
    – Cyclops
    Commented Sep 17, 2011 at 13:32

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