Born from the earlier question Inclusion to the question topics section of the faq which asked whether 'programming psychology and philosophy' be added to the list of topics for questions in the FAQ, should we add programmer relations and programmer development to the FAQ instead?

(Quoted from an earlier revision of the previous question:)

Questions that fall under 'Programmer relations' are those that concern teamwork, programmer to manager to stakeholder (or anyone in the development process?) etc... Some examples from today are:

How can I get programmers to stop writing code vulnerable to SQL injection?

What is the best advice to give someone in this industry who resists change?

Questions that fall under 'Programmer development' are those that concern self improvement as a programmer, such as:

“The pragmatic Programmer” or “Clean Code”. which one would you get, and why?

Suggestions to set goals

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    – Jim G.
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    – John Shaft
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The topics of programmer interactions and professional development are generally on topic, but that doesn't mean that every question in those categories will remain open.

The topic is only a part of what contributes to the question staying open or closed. Some will be open because they are asked in a constructive way and apply to a general internet audience. Some will be closed because they are too broad to be definitively answered or too localized to the asker. Some will be closed because they're not programmer-specific (i.e. questions about general coworker issues that are not limited to software development).

There is nothing in the FAQ right now that prohibits these kinds of questions. So long as they fall within the guidelines described in the "What questions can I ask here?" sections and avoid the pitfalls of the "What questions should I not ask here?" sections, they should be fine.

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