In the FAQ under the heading What kind of questions should I not ask here?, the following advice is given:

If your question would be of interest to …

Of course, there are some questions that should be asked on Stack Overflow because they are of interest to professional and enthusiast programmers, but that's not the main reason a question should be asked on Stack Overflow instead of Programmers.SE. Indeed, the entire premise for Programmers.SE is... to ask questions that would be of interest to professional and enthusiast programmers.

This part of the FAQ is misleading at best, incorrect at worst, and really ought to be removed.

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    @jmort Diamonds can't change that part. See Jeff's answer. – Adam Lear Apr 17 '11 at 14:18
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That is built algorithmically based on the unlocked migration paths.

The string you're referring to is the "audience" string for Stack Overflow.


Moderators don't have access to editing that part of the FAQ, but the part that we do have access to has the following clarification:

If your question is about ...

Specific programming problem, software algorithms, coding, ask on Stack Overflow.
System administration, ask on Server Fault.
General computer software or hardware troubleshooting, ask on Super User.