Sorry about the all the acronyms in the title. There are many questions here on Meta Programmers that are neither:

  • about Programmers.SE at all
  • about a general SE problem, but related to a question on Programmers.SE

Should these questions be flagged for migration to Meta Stack Overflow (where they can often be closed as duplicates)? Examples include the following:

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. My personal approach is to not migrate questions that have been frequently asked/answered on MSO, since they'll just add to the noise and get closed anyway. I find it more valuable to provide a good answer here in those situations.

Far as bug reports go, site-specific metas do get attention from the SE dev team, so posting them here is fine. Although, they will get attention sooner on the main site.

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    +1 on addition of noise on MSO.(redundancy aside)At least now you can have duplicates here to be closed here.Also a search here would probably pop up the duplicate.One might consider that the OP's might not have searched MSO as they are more active on ProgrammersSE
    – Aditya P
    Apr 6, 2011 at 5:12

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