Hi Meta-forum,

I wondered over to programmers.se today from SO for the first time, and posted a response to a users question. I was a little surprised at being allowed to do this by just providing my name and email address, but once I saw my SE profile pic come up, I figured it must just be a common sign-on (I'm using OpenID creds, via the verisign PIP site)

This was the question - and my response below Do software engineers really need to know low level stuff anymore?

So, tonight I'm logging in from my home system. As before, I first log into SO with my OpenID, and then navigate to here via the StackExchange navigator, and I find I'm not logged in. I hit "Login" entered my OpenID, and it found and linked my accounts.

The problem is that my new account here doesn't have the question listed as posted by me - so it appears that is some other or "anonymous" account that just happens to have the same name and profile picture.

So - I'm mentioning this as it was a bit odd of an on-boarding experience that might be useful to consider for new user workflows.

I'd also be keen on getting that answer added to my real account, if there's an admin-type that I can appeal too!

Thanks - I'm very impressed with stackexchange site functionality and am glad to see it branching out.

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You still have to explicitly log in to create an account on any site in our network.

We don't automatically create accounts just for visiting, so just be sure to click that "log in" link first next time.

On subsequent visits, once you have created an account, we can automatically log you in.

(anyway, I merged your accounts.)

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    Thanks Jeff. That certainly seems like the right behavior. I got fooled by seeing my gravatar next to my name when posting the first time into thinking that my account had been automagically created.
    – holtavolt
    Mar 26, 2011 at 13:59

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